Trendy Tuesday

 Top to bottom: Wet Seal (Here); Urban Outfitters (Here; Urban Outfitters (Here)
I recently received my September 2012 issue of “Glamour” magazine and was thrilled to see that it was dubbed “the fashion issue!” The magazine is thick with pages and pages of trends, ideas, and do’s and don’ts. Personally, I love looking through the do’s and don’ts section to see what new trends are in and which ones have been kicked to the curb. One of the do’s that really caught my eye while perusing through the list was patterned pants. Lately, I’ve been trying to become more open with fashion and to embrace the different styles that are considered high fashion. As much as I try to accept new fashions, there are still some that make me want to shake my fists at whoever came up with them. However, I think that I will be embracing the patterned pants this fall. I think it’ll be a nice transition from the bright colors of summer to the more muted tones of fall. Personally, I will be rocking the patterns with subtler colors, but, girl, if you want to rock those bright orange leopard pants, I say do it. To each her own, right? And who says you can’t wear neon in October? 😉
Top to bottom: Forever 21 (Here) ; J.C. Penney (Here) ; Forever 21 (Here)

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