Rainy Afternoons

Left to right: Victoria’s Secret (here); Target (here); American Eagle (here)
Like I mentioned in a previous post, I follow a lot of fashion bloggers. While I adore the outfits they come up with and wear to various places, I’ve noticed that their version of casual is quite different than mine. To many bloggers, a casual outfit consists of a nice blouse, some jeans, and a plain pair of flats. Generally, that’s my outfit when I feel like getting a bit more glammed up. When I think of casual, I think of a cozy sweatshirt, some looser-fitting jeans (or even sweatpants), and maybe even a sports t-shirt. Today was a cool, rainy day, and I did not feel like wearing flats and a pair of skinnies. All I wanted to throw on was a hoodie, some cute but comfortable jeans, and a regular t-shirt. And that is just what I did. But, just because it’s rainy it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dress casually and still look cute. These are some of the items I would wear when I want to be absolutely comfortable but not look like a total slob. I’d love to hear what your favorite comfy, cozy clothing item is!
Left to right: Victoria’s Secret (here); Wet Seal (here)

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