Practically Stealing

This past weekend I scored! No, not a touchdown for all you football fans. I scored some major deals. With less than $50 in my wallet, I managed to buy nine items. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, nine items! Shoe Carnival was having an awesome clearance sale on summer shoes. There was a table on display advertising shoes for $5 each. Of course, I could not pass this up. So, I scored a cute pair of animal print flats (snakeskin with cheetah print). I also found some amazing wedges that are the most comfortable heels I have ever walked in. In fact, I loved them so much that I bought three pairs. A little much? Maybe. Do I care? Absolutely not. I plan on rocking these wedges a lot next spring and summer. The four pairs of shoes were $20 total. After my trip to Shoe Carnival, I stopped at Wet Seal because the clearance was advertised “5 for $20.” It took some digging, but I found some great pieces. I suppose I went a bit skirt crazy but oh well. I can’t wait to style these amazing finds! I’d love to hear about some great deals you guys got recently! 🙂

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