Nailed It

As I mentioned in a previous post, W.I.Y Wednesday’s are one of my favorite posts to do. I love doing my nails and showing you guys how I achieved the look. Pinning nail ideas on Pinterest is one of my favorite activities to pass the time/procrastinate studying and homework. (Oops.) Whenever I want to do my nails but can’t decide how to paint them, I always look to Pinterest for ideas. Below are some of the nail ideas I’m hoping to recreate in the future. Some of them look like they might be a bit tricky, but they’re too cute to pass up! Which one is you favorite? It could be my next W.I.Y.! 🙂
Side Note: As I was finding the links for all of these ideas I want to try, I found this AMAZING website with nail designs on nail designs on nail designs. Seriously guys, my jaw dropped when I went to this page! Go check it out! Can’t..stop..looking…must…do…homework…

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