Off the Deep End

Hey, ladies! (And possibly gentlemen?) It’s been a while….again. I suppose I should just stop acknowledging the fact that I’m a slacker because we have all realized this by now. Anyway, today’s post is going to be short and sweet…sort of. Just a few moments ago I was ready to take a leap into the deep abyss known as online shopping. Now, I don’t normally buy items online because I prefer trying on clothes and seeing accessories in person. However, I was perusing Forever 21’s website and saw that they are taking an additional 50% off sale items. How can a girl pass that up? There were a couple items that caught my eye and definitely seemed to be worth the money at a bargain price. I was just about ready to check out, but I couldn’t decide between two colors on one of the shirts I had in my cart. I called my boyfriend to ask his opinion. As usual he wasn’t much help because he’s a boy, of course. Since I couldn’t make a decision, I was absolutely prepared to buy each color of the shirt (crazy girl rationale…we’ve all been there). I proceeded to check out and saw that shipping was $5.95. What?! I tried to see the light and tell myself it was worth it, but after a few words from my smart and rational boyfriend, I clicked out of the window and cancelled my purchase. And that’s when it hit me…there is no bargain! Why am I going to pay six extra dollars on a purchase that was supposed to be a good deal. In my opinion, when the shipping is added it is no longer a deal at all. The shipping price alone is one of the many reasons I don’t like shopping online. To me, it’s not worth the convenience of receiving the clothes at home if you have to pay extra money. So, I want to thank my boyfriend for talking me off the ledge and saving me some money. What a great guy, huh? 😉

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