Fashion Show Newbie

Tonight, I attended my first ever fashion show! Well, actually I was working backstage. We’ve been working on this for the past two months, and tonight it was finally go time! Whenever I see fashion shows on television, it seems like it would be such a rush to work backstage and help coordinate the models. Tonight I discovered that it is, in fact, quite a rush. In the hours leading up to the show it was pretty calm, and all of the girls were just hanging out backstage talking. Five minutes before the first girl walked out, we were a bit nervous but still pretty calm. And then the girls started walking out…and then they ran back to change. That, ladies and gentlemen, is when chaos broke out. I have never seen someone change so fast in my life. I also have never helped anyone change before. Now, I’m a bit reserved in my personality, and to say I was hesitant about helping girls change would be an understatement. But then one of the girl’s skirts wouldn’t zip, and she was supposed to be walking on the stage. That is the point that I tossed all reservations aside and did what I had do. I buttoned buttons, hooked clasps, and grabbed any clothes that I had to. By the end of the show my hands were shaking and my heart was beating so fast from the adrenaline. Overall, it was a fun but very stressful experience. I think next time I’d rather be watching the show than working in the mess they call backstage. It was really fun, and I’m really proud of how the show turned out. Everyone who worked on it did such a great job! But that is way more stress than this little heart of mine can handle.

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