Breakfast at Panera

 Sweater: Old Navy (Thrifted); Scarf: Wet Seal; Jeans: Wet Seal; Boots: Wet Seal
This morning I went to breakfast with my mom, sister, and boyfriend. We enjoyed some delicious coffee and bagels at Panera before Adam and I headed to the park to take pictures. Out of everyone who has taken pictures for me so far, he is definitely the best. I always feel super awkward taking photos because I never know how to pose and end up feeling silly. Adam’s really good at just taking a few random pictures that end up being some of my favorites. Anyway, this morning it was unseasonably warm but still chilly enough to get by with wearing a sweater. I decided to finally wear this gray  sweater that you might recognize from my post about thrifting. Because the sweater is simple and plain, I decided to pair it with a scrunchy scarf that has purple, blue, and white flowers on it. This outfit is so cozy, a definite must when I’m picking out clothes. I hope you guys are having a great week! 
Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 😉

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