Repeat Offender

Top: American Eagle; Tank: Wet Seal; Jeans: Wet Seal; Boots: Wet Seal;
Watch: New York & Co.; Bracelet: Forever 21
I have a confession to make! I am a repeat offender….well, as far as fashion goes. Although I do have a good amount of clothing (more than I care to admit), I often find myself wearing the same pieces more frequently than others. My denim shirt is one of those items. Whenever I’m trying to decide what to wear for the day, I frequently reach for this shirt because there are so many different outfits you can create with it. I absolutely love denim/chambray shirts. They’re so versatile and make almost any outfit look even better. These brown boots are also a piece of my closet I’m often reaching for for two reasons, one being that they add a nice fall touch to an outfit and the second reason being that they are the only pair of brown boots I own. As I continue to post on this blog, you will probably start to notice some of the same clothing items in pictures, but hey, I’m not ashamed. I’m on a budget that, unfortunately, does not support a large enough wardrobe to keep me from repeating clothing. A girl can dream though, right?


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