Wishful Inspiration

This evening was the first in a while that I didn’t have to study until my eyes burned. So, I took full advantage of my new found free time and rediscovered the fun of Polyvore. If you’ve never been on Polyvore, it’s a website that has tons of clothes (and other things like accessories and beauty products) that allows you to make different collages with these clothes. You can make any kind of outfit you want with jewelry and even makeup products you might like with these outfits. I love putting together different outfits for inspiration. I put together four different outfits that I thought would be great for the holiday season and even after the season, too. You can see they vary in casualty and dressiness. I wish I could wear them all! But unfortunately some of the items featured are actually upwards of $1,000. (Insert me crying here.) Regardless, I’m hoping to pull some ideas from these outfits when I get dressed for the next holiday party.


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