Flowers and Butterflies

0231 I just want it to be known that it was freezing outside when we took these pictures! And this blouse is quite thin. All for the love of blogging, though, right? Anyway, I love this blouse because the pattern is so girly. It has a floral pattern with a few butterflies hidden here and there. You might recognize this top from my post here. It was a steal! I purchased it for about $4. The boots I’m wearing were also a steal. They were originally $29.50, but when I took them to the register, I was told they were actually supposed to be clearance which also happened to be an additional 60% off that day. So, I ended up getting them for less than $9! To say I was excited would be an understatement. By the way, the entire outfit is from Wet Seal. I hope you had a great weekend! Christmas is in 8 days!! (Clearly I’m excited.)




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