Oh, Pinterest

Pinterest Ecard

(Image via Pinterest)

I feel as though the word “pinning” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year or so. Whenever someone says they’ve pinned something anymore, I automatically think of Pinterest. I’m pretty sure any girls reading this, and even some guys, have heard of the website by now, and some of you might even have your own account. My three favorite sections to peruse on the site are humor, women’s fashion, and hair & beauty. I absolutely love looking for outfit inspiration from Pinterest, but somehow I always find myself in a conundrum when attempting to dress in similar ensembles because I often don’t have pieces resembling the Pinterest clothes at all. I also like looking at the hair & beauty section for nail design inspiration. Sometimes, when I’m attempting to recreate these designs I have to laugh at myself because I’m reminded of all the “nailed it” Pinterest fails that are posted in the humor section. Anyway, if you haven’t joined Pinterest, I highly recommend it. It has stuff for everyone (guys included). But I will warn you that it can become quite addicting!


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