W.I.Y.: Classic with a Sparkle

It’s another W.I.Y. Wednesday! This nail art is super easy and extremely glamorous. I was inspired by MissJenFABULOUS  on YouTube. She has a lot of great nail tutorials, and I highly recommend checking out her channel if you love doing your nails as much as I do. This particular design was supposed to be for New Year’s Eve, but like Jen says in her video, you can wear it any time of the year. It’s kind of a flashy take on a classic French manicure. I keep looking down at my nails just to admire the shine and sparkle. I hope you try this out! Keep in mind that you can use whatever colors you want. I think the pale pink and the silver look so pretty together, but you could also use blue with silver sparkle, green with gold sparkle, or anything else you think might look just as pretty.


From Left to Right:

Revlon Colorstay “Base Coat”; O.P.I. “Sweetheart”; Sally Hansen “Celeb City”; Essie “Set in Stones”; Revlon Colorstay “Top Coat”


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