Day to Night: Black and White Stripes


My usual routine of visiting the city once a week has started up again. In spite of the rising gas prices, driving to the city is quite an enjoyable trip. I love singing along to music in my car, and the reward of seeing a certain someone at the end of the trip makes it even more enjoyable. On this trip, I opted for my comfiest pants and a warm knitted scarf during the day. We walked around quite a bit, so I wanted to make sure I’d be warm and that I had comfy shoes on. Because I was wearing a bright green scarf, I wanted to go a little crazy with my lip color as well and chose to wear a rather bright pink lip stain. I think pops of color make the chill of the winter months a bit more bearable. In the evening, we decided to hit up an Italian restaurant for dinner. I swapped my pants, boots, and scarf for a cotton circle skirt, fringe booties, and a statement necklace. I kept my lip color the same (kind of had to since it was a lip stain) and went for pearl earrings instead of my original hoops. Overall, I’m in love with both of these outfits because they’re cute, casual, and comfortable to wear. I’ll definitely be sporting each one again. I hope you’re having an awesome weekend! By the way, if you’ve watched “The Dark Knight Rises” you might recognize the building in my day time pictures. We passed the steps when they were covered in fake snow from filming two summers ago, and we even got a peek at two of the Batmobiles on the street!


Top: Wet SealPants: Wet SealBoots: TargetScarf: Target (similar); Jacket: Target (similar)





Skirt: Body Central (similar); Tights: Macy’s; Shoes: JustFab; Necklace: Wet Seal







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