American Animal


Cardigan: Old Navy; Top: Old Navy; Jeans: Wet Seal; Boots: Wet Seal; Scarf: Wet Seal

As you can probably tell, my style tends to be more on the casual side. Where I live, it is very unusual to see people dressed up any more than what you see in my posts. Even though I like to get much more creative with my outfits, the ones I’ve been wearing out and about lately are pretty casual by fashion standards. I’m really trying to get more creative, though, because wearing the same jeans, boots, and cardigan type outfits is getting kind of boring. Perhaps it’s the winter weather that’s got me in a style rut. I’ve already pieced together several “fashionable” spring outfits in my head that I absolutely can’t wait to wear when the weather warms up. Anyway, this cardigan is probably my favorite winter find. I’d been looking everywhere for a plain, long cardigan and finally found it at Old Navy of all places. Seriously, guys, they have some cute stuff in their store now! This scarf is also one of my favorites, and you might recognize it from this post. To quote the girl from Despicable Me, “it’s so fluffy!” And even though I think the snow falling in these pictures adds a nice touch, I cannot wait for spring!! I’d love to hear what you guys are most excited about for spring!




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