Windsor Wish List


Gold Infinity Wire Bracelet

Recently I have been absolutely loving Cara Loren’s blog. She is drop dead gorgeous, and her sense of style is to die for! In a recent post she was wearing these shoes, and I fell in love with them instantly. Since then, I have been perusing the Windsor website like crazy. They have really cute clothes for very reasonable prices! I think I’ve mentioned before that I rarely shop online (shipping fees get me every time), but I will probably end up making an exception for Windsor. I’ve already mentally put together so many outfits whilst browsing their website. They not only have great prices but also a rather large selection of clothing. The items below are only a small portion of my Windsor Wish List. What are some of your favorite places to shop for clothes online?

P.S. I am absolutely drooling over the two jackets below….they are definitely priorities on my purchasing list.


Taupe Abstract Printed Belted Tunic


Royal Stretch Jeggings


Leopard Print Open Jacket


Beige/Coral  Polka Heart Bow Top


Blush Lace Skater Skirt


Khaki/Brown Faux Leather Canvas Jacket


Mint Scroll Print Scarf


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