Black ‘n’ Blue


Sweater: Wet Seal; T-Shirt: Target; Pants: Kohl’s; Shoes: Bobs by Skechers

Well, I think by now you guys probably know that I absolutely love finding a good deal on clothes. I mean, really, who doesn’t? A few weeks ago I bought these pants and three other pairs for $17!  No, not $17 per pair. I bought four pairs of pants for $17 total. I just about had a heart attack when I saw the receipt. What a great deal! Anyway, I’ve been wanting a pair of cobalt pants for a while, and I’m so glad I held out and bought them for such a great deal. Another thing you guys might know about me (or will soon find out) is that I love black and white paired together, and I am a sucker for stripes. So, of course I love this little sweater. It’s finally getting warmer where I live, but we still have some cold days here and there. I wore the sweater to school just in case it got too cold to wear the black t-shirt by itself. I was pretty glad I had opted to wear the sweater because it was quite chilly out while walking around campus. However, I did not keep it on once I got into the buildings because my school is in the awkward stage of  “it’s too warm out to keep the heat on but it’s not hot enough to turn the air on.” So, I was basically sweating my face off while sitting in the classroom and definitely was not about to keep that sweater on, even for the sake of fashion. Anyway, I can’t wait to style these pants more for spring and summer. Any kind of colored pant for the warmer months is a must in my book. I hope you are all off to a great start for the weekend!






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