Summer Inspiration


Outfit #1

I’ve done posts on outfit ideas here and here. These are some of my favorite posts to do because I get to style outfits with a never-ending closet, and well who doesn’t love that? As I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest is a great place for me to get inspiration for outfit ideas; however, Polyvore is a place where I can get inspired for an outfit in a different way. I can go to a single category, pick out a piece I like, and then style an entire outfit around that. It’s a great way to release your inner creativity. These are just three summer outfits I put together in that manner. I knew I wanted to do one outfit with a maxi skirt, and when I saw this yellow one I immediately began thinking up all kinds of ideas for outfits. While searching for a top to go with the maxi skirt, I found the tribal-type cropped top in the second outfit and I put that aside to create a second outfit centered around it. While the first two outfits are more casual, the third outfit is something I would wear if I were going to a nice dinner or get together. I hope you like these!

P.S. Tomorrow is Friday! Hooray!!


Outfit #2


Outfit #3



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