The Rolling Stones


Cardigan: Old Navy; Tank: Wet Seal; Pants: Forever 21; Sandals: Payless

As usual, the weather has been up and down where I live. One day it’s really warm and the next it gets pretty chilly. Right now it is gorgeous and warm outside; however, on Monday it was chilly and brisk. I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to warm up so I threw on a cardigan over my tank in the hopes that I would be able to ditch it later in the day (that was not the case, however). Lately, I’ve been having to rock some sandals no matter what outfit I wear due to an unfortunate incident with my wee little toe and a curb. Needless to say, closed-toe shoes are not my friend right now. These pants are also too big for me, but after rolling and belting them, I like the casual feel they give. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my week of freedom from school, but unfortunately it is quickly coming to an end. Last week was finals and next week is the beginning of a dreaded summer class. Boooooo. Regardless, I am super excited for what this summer will bring, and I am definitely happy to have the boy back home! On a completely unrelated note, I recently purchased one of those hair-donuts and boy oh boy is it awesome! I feel like my life has been changed! (Okay, that might be slightly dramatic.) Any time I don’t feel like styling my hair, I can just throw it up in a super easy bun and viola! I highly recommend them, and I know there are tons of tutorials on YouTube for different ways to use them in your hair. I hope you all are having a great week! (Sorry for the randomness in this post.)





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