May 2013 Favorites

Yet another month of the 2013 year has passed by! I am seriously amazed at how fast this year is going. We are already halfway through the year, and we are now officially in the summer months. During the month of May, I found some beauty products that I absolutely loved and found myself using repeatedly. So, I decided to share them with you guys in case you might be interested in these products, too! As usual, these products are all budget-friendly because, let’s be real here, high end products-ain’t nobody got money fo dat! But seriously though, I don’t have $50 to drop on some makeup products. Anyway, if you have tried any of these products or have any suggestions products, I’d love to hear it!


N.Y.C. Bronzing Face Powder in “Sunny”

I am brand new to bronzing powder, so when I started my hunt for one, I knew it had to be dark enough to give me the contour I desired but also light enough that I wouldn’t look like a crazy person if I messed up. Obviously, I also needed it to be a color that would compliment my fair skin tone. This powder is AMAZING! It adds a beautiful touch of color to your face to give it a nice definition and color without being too much. It is also completely matte, so it doesn’t have any crazy shimmer in it that will look unnatural.


e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip in “Lilac Petal”

Along with my hunt for a bronzer, I also decided to look for a nice highlighter. Now, I am also brand new to highlighting, so again I wanted something that was noticeable yet subtle enough to not look weird. I decided to try out this e.l.f. highlighter because I read some good reviews on it and also it was only a dollar and who could pass that up? I actually ended up really liking it! I’m still trying to master the art of countouring and highlighting but this product is very beautiful regardless. It can be a bit hard to work with because I find that it dries pretty quickly, but that’s something I’m willing to deal with since it was only $1.


ULTA Super Blender Sponge

Now, I’ve seen a lot of girls using the Beauty Blender Sponge for applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, etc. While this sponge looks like it works wonders and girls rave about it, I do not have $26 to spend on a stinkin’ makeup sponge.  (You could buy a whole outfit from Forever 21 for that price! Just sayin’…) When I went to ULTA I saw this less expensive dupe and decided to give it a whirl. The package says you can either use it damp for sheer coverage or dry for fuller coverage. I’ve only used it dry, but that’s purely because I’m too lazy to get up and run it under some water when I’m in the middle of doing my make up. Oops. Anyway, I really love how this sponge blends my makeup! I have a love-hate relationship with foundation brushes because I love how they blend the foundation on my face but my nose area tends to be really dry, and brushes only make matters worse and make my dry skin even more apparent when applying foundation. This sponge, however, is great for dabbing the foundation onto my nose without affecting the dry skin or making it more obvious. It also gives a flawless finish to the rest of my face. I’ve never used the Beauty Blender Sponge, but I’m thinking this knockoff one will work just as well. And at one-fifth of the cost, the ULTA sponge is definitely worth it.

Bun Maker

Mia Large Bun Ease

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been absolutely loving  the hair donuts. They are seriously amazing for when you don’t feel like taking the time to curl or straighten your hair or even when it’s a been a day or two since you’ve washed it. The one pictured above is from ULTA, but the one that I have is actually from Five Below of all places. I’ve seen a few tutorials on YouTube for a few different ways you can wear them. I just put my hair in a ponytail and place the donut at the top and roll it down the ponytail until it sits at the top of my head. I don’t know if that made sense, but like I said, there are a bunch of tutorials on how to wear it.

Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Last but not least, I have been absolutely in love with Batiste Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried the TRESemme one but it was nothing special, and I felt like it actually just made my hair greasier. The Batiste dry shampoo, however, is nothing short of amazing. It smells great, it leaves zero residue in the hair, and it freshens up your two-day-old style! I have nothing but love for this dry shampoo. It also comes in quite a few lovely scents. I can’t wait to get my hands on the leopard one after I finish up the one I have now. I highly recommend this dry shampoo if you’re looking for a great one. And the fact that it’s only $9 makes it even more amazing!



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