Play Ball!


Top: Victoria’s Secret PINK; Shorts: Wet Seal; Hat: Target; Shoes: Converse (Gift)

About two months ago I wrote a post with suggestions for what to wear when you go to a baseball game (seen here). I recently attended a game myself, and I wanted to share with you ladies (and gentlemen?) what I decided to wear. Adam and I went to see an Indians game *GO TRIBE* and it was a blast! Over the past few years I’ve gotten more and more into baseball thanks to my man. Knowing what’s going on definitely helps to make the games more interesting…obviously. I even have a couple favorite players. Nick Swisher is my most favorite Indians player because he does this little “swish” when he goes up to bat, and I think it’s too funny. Anyway, back to fashion. I borrowed this super cute Indians shirt from Mandi. I just couldn’t pass up the red sequins on the front. They matched the sequins on my hat perfectly! Hey, I had to add some girliness to this night of baseball. I didn’t get a picture of the back of the shirt, but it says “Three strikes you’re out.” Since it was still pretty hot out, I paired the shirt with some destroyed denim shorts. And, of course, I had to stay comfortable so I put on my favorite Converse sneakers. They have red, white, and blue on them- perfect for an Indians game! Have you seen any baseball games this summer? Who is YOUR favorite team?




At every game, they have Mustard, Onion, and Ketchup race. During the game, the hot dogs walk around and interact with fans. We got to cheer with Mustard during the game and he danced around for a bit with fans.



Swisher doing his “swish” move.

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