One Year Anniversary



Hi, readers! I am so excited because today marks one year that I have had my fashion blog! It’s gone through some changes, but nevertheless it is my blog and I am so proud of it. I never realized how much work blogs take when I started this. I seriously admire those who post daily. Anyway, I am so grateful to those of you who have stuck with me in this last year, and I’m so happy to have those who just started reading Chez Bri. This blog has caused me to pay even more attention to fashion and has proved to me over and over again how much I enjoy it. I decided to include some pictures from my favorite posts that I’ve done this past year. It’s been so fun going to different places for pictures, especially with my favorite photographer! I’d love to hear what your favorite post was and what kind of posts you’d like to see more of. Thank you again for sticking by me this year! I appreciate it so much.

Breakfast at Panera


Achromatic Colors


Day to Night: Black and White Stripes


90’s Flashback


I Said Yes!


Date Night



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