Let’s Take a Trip

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As many of you know, Adam and I were blessed enough to travel to beautiful Hawaii for our honeymoon. While preparing for the trip, I made sure to create a detailed list of the essentials we would need while traveling. When packing our carry-ons, I wanted to ensure that we would have everything we might need in the event of lost luggage or delayed flights.

I was recently contacted by RelayRides to create a list of some travel essentials and tips for fellow travelers. RelayRides is a car rental company unlike any company I’ve heard of before. Yes, we all know about the usual rental companies you book with that stick you with a car pulled off a lot located a couple miles from the airport. However, RelayRides is different. This company allows people to not only rent cars but also to rent out their own cars. You can set your car up to be rented by a fellow traveler, and you can make money by doing so. RelayRides also provides insurance for owners and renters. As a renter, you can go on the RelayRides site, type in your travel destination, and pick the car that best fits your taste and price range. The owner of the car will meet you at the airport with the car, you’ll take a look over the car together, and then you’ll receive the keys and be on your way to begin your vacation! Sounds pretty cool to me. If you’re interested in RelayRides, you can check out all of their available airport rentals and see which one is best for you!

The above picture features five items that I always make sure to bring with me when traveling, especially when I’m traveling by way of airplanes. It is extremely important to bring gum because your ears are sure to pop when the air pressure changes during take off and landing. I also make sure to bring hand sanitizer because planes and airports are gross. Think about it, you’re in a small, closed area for at least an hour with at least twenty other people and germs are flying all over the place! (No pun intended.) Hand sanitizer is your best friend when you’re touching the arm rests, seat cushions, or overhead compartment doors. I also like to bring headphones to listen to music because if I’m on a long flight, I don’t really want to listen to the person snoring in the seat behind me. These days I think it goes without saying to bring your cell phone, but hey, it’s a travel essential so I put it on the list. Last but not least, I like to bring lip balm because the plane can be a drying place and I can’t stand when my lips are chapped.

A few other tips I have for you are as follows:

– If you’re bringing a carry-on suitcase, pack an extra set of clothes in case your checked luggage gets lost.

-Pick up a bottle of water and a snack once you’ve passed security because the planes don’t always offer a lot food.

-Make sure you bring your phone charger in case there are flight delays or long wait times. You don’t want to be stuck in an airport with nothing to do!

I’d love to hear some travel tips you’ve picked up over time or any travel essentials you always make sure to carry with you! Happy traveling!


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  1. great post! so true about the phone charger – i learned the hard way. now i always carry two with me ❤

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