Ten Facts About Me

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So, a little over a year ago I did a post with twenty-five facts about me. I figured I’d do another one because things change in a year, and there may be other things you didn’t know about me. As a fellow blog reader, I like to know the blogger as much as possible because I’m just as nosy as anyone else and it helps me to connect better with the person if, for example,  I know that she and I both enjoy peppermint mocha iced coffees and rainy days. So, here are ten random facts about me.

1) If I go to bed past midnight, I am completely exhausted the next day even if I get a full eight hours of sleep.

2) Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is, that is what I have. I really struggle in keeping plants alive. We have a ficus that I believe is on its last leg right now.

3) I graduated college a semester early.

4) I am a Browns and NASCAR fan by marriage.

5) I have a major sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate and baked goods. However, I don’t really like fruity or sour candy.

6) My friend, Mandi, and I have a special bond over our love for candy corn and Peeps. Those seem to be sweets that you either adore or absolutely detest, and I was lucky enough to find someone who shares my love for those overly-sugared treats.

7) I will eat the same exact thing for breakfast every day for months and months until one day I get tired of it and refuse to eat it again for a long period of time. I think this trait comes from both my mother and father. My mom eats the same thing for breakfast and the same thing for lunch every day for weeks, and my dad has eaten the same breakfast every single morning of the work week for as long as I’ve been alive.

8)  I would never call myself a shoe lover, but I’ve somehow acquired a rather large collection as well as a cup that says “Shoe Lover.”

9) I spent about five months watching the entire series  of “How I Met Your Mother,” and I was extremely unsatisfied by the series finale.

10) My dad and I are so similar in our personalities it’s absolutely ridiculous, and anyone that knows both of us can see it in our humor, our pet peeves, and our stubbornness. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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