Week in Review #1

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I took a four-day weekend from the blog this past week. Adam and I went to a conference over the weekend, so we were pretty busy and I had virtually no time to even get on the computer. BUT I’m here! Really, the whole week last week was pretty busy. As you know, I was traveling for work; however, I didn’t mind because it meant that I got to see my family and Mandi. It’s always so nice to visit with everyone because I don’t get to see them very often since I moved away. I love my family so dearly, and every minute spent with them is so precious to me. We always end up goofing off and talking for a long time. Of course, you all know how much I love spending time with Mandi because she is basically my soulmate (sorry, Adam). I hope you all are having a great week! On a side note, I created an Instagram account! You can now follow me @ChezBriBlog if you’d like.



I had to say goodbye to my first car. Although I was happy to get a new car, I was so sad to let go of this one. I am extremely sentimental, so I had a really hard time trading this car in. I had this car since I was a senior in high school. It took me through my senior year, so many trips to visit Adam that I lost count, a daily commute to college classes for three years, and so much more. Even though it was an extreme hassle towards the end, I will admit that I might have cried when I left it. I know I’m sappy!



My first car was a hand-me-down from my grandpa, and he had bought it used. So, I’ve never had a brand new car. On Tuesday, I set out on my trip to work out of town, and my new car hit 100 miles. It’s pretty crazy to have a car that had a single-digit mileage when I got it, and I wanted to capture the moment it hit triple digits. I feel so blessed to have this new car because like I said before, my old car had a lot of problems towards the end.



On Wednesday, Mandi and I got our “white girl” on. We sipped on some Starbucks while shopping around Target. This is a tradition that has been going strong for the past four years of our friendship. Even if we don’t plan on buying anything (keyword plan), we still love to peruse the many items Target has to offer. Mostly we use the time to catch up and talk at about 60 miles per hour. By the way, can we all just take a moment to drool over her new haircut?! I don’t know how many times I told her I loved it, but I know it was a lot. Even writing this post now makes me miss her dearly!



While on my trip, I also got to see my family. Just before I left, my dad demanded that we take a family “selfie.” I’m glad he did because I love this picture so much. He looks so happy to be with his girls. I think my mom was also happy to have me home because she made one of my absolute favorite dishes for dinner that night. My sister’s usually too cool for family these days, but we were lucky to snatch her attention for a quick family photo. I love my family so incredibly much!



This was the first night of the conference Adam and I went to. It was Friday night through Sunday morning, and oh my goodness were we exhausted by the end. I think we’re still recovering from the past week and weekend. There were some really good bands at the conference, and I think I found a couple new favorites! Needless to say, it was a pretty busy week for this girl.


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