It’s Freezing


Sweater: Old Navy, Jeans: Chico’s, Boots: Wet Seal, Scarf: Gift

I couldn’t think of a more fitting title for this post. Where I live, it is absolutely freezing right now. Technically the temperatures are below freezing, and man do I feel it! The cold weather decided to team up with my exhaustion from this past weekend, and now I’m stuck with a nasty cold. The only redeeming factor is that Adam is sick too, so we can suffer together. This cold has me feeling so…what’s the word…BLAH. Yeah, that about sums it up. Because I’ve been feeling so “blah,” I’ve been trying not to leave the house too much. However, I think this has partially made me feel even more blah because there’s no change in scenery and sweatpants only make you feel good for so long. So, today I decided to get out of the house and run a few errands. I figured putting on some decent clothes might also make me feel a little better. I couldn’t muster up the strength or motivation to do too much to my hair, though, so a messy bun it is! Even though I still can’t breathe or hear from my head being so stuffed up, I did feel a little better while I was out. Two things that always make me feel at least a little better when I’m sick are a hot shower and some decent clothes (if I’m going out at least). Hopefully none of you guys are sick right now! And, hey, tomorrow’s Friday!





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