JustFab Review


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Today’s post is going to be something I haven’t done before. It is a review of the shoe company JustFab. I’ve been a member of the JustFab program for about two years now, I believe. I have some thoughts about this whole company that I figured I might share with you all in case any of you were thinking about signing up for the service.

JustFab is kind of like a subscription company. Basically, you sign up, pay $39.95 a month, and receive a new pair of shoes of your choice. You can also choose a purse if you’d rather have that. Now, you don’t have to pay the $39.95 every month; however, you only get out of this by going on the website and selecting “skip this month” in your boutique, and this must be done by the fifth of every month or else you will automatically be charged and given a store credit for one pair of shoes. The company gives you free shipping on your order and free shipping if you need to make an exchange which is very nice.  If you need a refund, though, you do have to pay a $5.95 restocking fee.


I have bought three pairs of shoes and one purse during my time as a member of JustFab. They have all been very good quality and very stylish, in my opinion. The shoes are all very beautiful on the website, and I’ve rarely seen any that I didn’t care for. So, props to JustFab for being current in style and good on quality. I get so many compliments on the purse I purchased. It is absolutely beautiful and looks like it could be designer. I’ve featured it in a post before. As far as the products go, I give JustFab a thumbs up!

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Something I do not like about the company is the fact that you constantly have to be on your game when it comes to skipping each month. I wish there was a way to suspend your account in case you don’t plan on buying anything for months at a time. I’ve also heard that customer service is terrible and a pain to deal with. This is especially unfortunate because the only way to completely cancel your account is by actually calling customer service and speaking with someone. I’ve been meaning to cancel my account for probably a good year and now and have not done so purely because I don’t want to deal with customer service. I know, I know. That’s my own fault. But it would be so much easier if they just let you opt out of the membership online! i really hope they either change this or improve upon their customer service.


Overall, I’d say that if you’re willing to spend the money each month or keep up with skipping each month, JustFab is totally worth it. Their prices are reasonable for the quality of shoes and purses you receive. I’ve never bought anything else from the site, but I’m guessing the quality is still good. Each month you receive a personalized boutique with suggestions of shoes you might like based on a style quiz you take when you first sign up. However, if you don’t want to worry about being charged each month, I would say don’t bother with joining. It’s too much trouble always worrying about logging in by the fifth of each month.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review. If there are any other brands or companies you’d like reviews on, let me know! Have a great day!


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