A Hint of Warmer Weather


Sweater: Kohl’s (similar); Vest: Old Navy (similar); Pants: Chico’s (similar); Shoes: Payless (similar); Necklace: Target

Hi, friends! It’s been a while. I kind of went into hibernation when the cold weather hit. Winter is no joke where we live, and the thought of going outside to take pictures of my outfits did not sound appealing in the least bit. I really admire the bloggers who go out in snowy tundras in skirts and tights and take amazing pictures. Well, we’re finally starting to see the beginning of spring, and it is seriously wonderful. I want to crack the windows open when it’s only 50 degrees here. I’m desperate! I really don’t enjoy wearing coats, so when the weather starts to get warm, I’m a big fan of layering up with light sweaters and vests. I also wanted to brighten up my look with this beautiful light pink sweater. I can’t wait until I can ditch the vest and wear short sleeves again! I hope you all are getting excited for spring and the months to come!




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