Summer Must-Haves

Summer Collage

I know summer isn’t over yet, but over the past couple months I’ve found some products that I think are great summer must-haves for anyone. During the summer, there are three products that I absolutely need or else I will be a hot mess (pun intended). Those three items are hairspray, mascara, and a face wash that doesn’t make my face too oily. I’ve found my trio for the summer of 2015! Along with these three products, I think it’s also important to add a good primer and highlighter to your summer makeup routine. Below are the reasons why I’ve featured these items specifically:

1. Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara: This mascara is new to the lineup this summer. Honestly, I bought it because I had a coupon so I figured hey, might as well. Let me tell you something, this mascara does NOT come off. I didn’t even get the waterproof version, and this stuff barely budged when I used a makeup remover wipe, let alone water. My sister used it as well, and she said she had a tough time getting it off. I’m including this mascara in my list of summer must-haves because I think it would be great if you’re going to be swimming but still want to look a little dolled up. It adds just the right amount of length to give your lashes some oomph while still allowing you to rock a “natural” makeup look.

2. Simple Face Wash and Moisturizer: Like I mentioned earlier, I need a face wash that doesn’t make my face too oily in the summer time. I tried these products kind of on a whim, and I was really pleased with how my skin looks after using them for a while. My face has cleared up and hasn’t been too oily in this summer heat. The face wash is gentle and suds up significantly which makes  me feel as though my face is getting super clean. I’m sure the suds have nothing to do with it, but hey. The moisturizer does sometimes make my face a bit oily, but I still like it because it has SPF in it which is extremely important during the summer time.

3. Herbal Essences Volumizing Hairspray: Let me just start with this – I love me some hairspray, and I love me some volume. Now, you all know I love Not Your Mother’s “She’s a Tease” hairspray. This volumizing hairspray is better for me and my curly hair in the summer months. It makes my hair a little stiffer than the NYM hairspray, and I like that for the summer months because it means my hair won’t grow outwards from the humidity. I’ve used this hairspray for years, and I know it to be a tried and true product. It’s also a bonus that this hairspray smells wonderful!

4. Not Your Mother’s “Kinky Moves” Curl Defining Hair Cream: My curly hair has mind of it’s own during the summertime. Humidity sends it over the edge, and I find it hard to control how it’s going to look when I scrunch it. This cream has made a world of difference in defining my curls. I can definitely see a difference when I don’t use it in my hair. It’s kind of a mix between a paste and a gel, and it’s pretty sticky. It smells like grapes, though, and I’m not mad about that.

5. Benefit “Watt’s Up” Highlighter: I’m pretty new to using a highlighter in my makeup routine, but let me tell you, it looks SO good when you have a tan. Now, I know highlighter is something you can wear any time of the year, but I’m still new to contouring and for some reason I find highlighter easier to use when my face is tanner. It makes your skin look glowy and beautiful and amazing and just….yeah. This one in particular is my favorite because it’s in the form of a stick. I’ve tried highlighters that come from a tube, and I just find them harder to blend.

6. Benefit “the Professional” Primer: You guys know this was on my Christmas wishlist. I was so excited when I opened one of my gifts and saw this baby! A primer is so important during the summer because it helps to keep your makeup from sliding off in the heat. This primer, in particular, is great because it helps to minimize the appearance of your pores and to make your face appear smoother.


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