Top: Target; Jeans: Chico’s (similar); Shoes: Converse; Watch: Anne Klein; Bracelet: Pandora

Yesterday, we visited some friends in the city. It’s always fun to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in quite a while, and these ones just happen to be some of our favorites! We grabbed dinner at a unique place that had seats right next to these huge open windows. The weather was beautiful in the evening and made for the perfect environment to walk around a bit.

Bri, the girl who designed the awesome banner for my blog, is also a photographer and was giving Adam some lessons for future outfit posts. He’s been talking about the techniques ever since, and channeling his “inner photographer.” The picture above was taken by Bri on her iPhone and I love how it turned out. She’s really got a talent for photography!

It always feels so good to get away for a bit and do some things you don’t always get to do, like have dinner with some old friends. It was a quick visit but a great one as usual. I hope you all are having a great week. And if not, hang in there! It’s almost the weekend.


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