Top: Wet Seal (similar and similar); Shorts: Wet Seal (similar and similar); Shoes: Converse

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, Adam and I were traveling for about the past five or so days. We took our first road trip as a married couple, and we certainly took advantage of all the places we were passing through. North Carolina was our destination, but we took the time to visit some friends along the way and sight see while on our drive. We stopped in Washington D.C. and visited the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was quite the sight to see. We came across numerous breath-taking views. The pictures don’t do them justice. There were many overlooks along the way that provided these views, but there was also wonderful scenery to enjoy during the drive. We saw so many farms set on rolling hills with the sun shining just above them. Washington D.C. is beautiful for a city view, but if you love nature then you would love the Blue Ridge Parkway. We saw a lot of wildlife on our journey! There was even a small little deer standing next to the road. And I’ve never seen so many butterflies in my life! Some of the views we came across really put the size of the world into perspective. You could see for miles, and it was crazy to think that we were only looking at a minute part of a state!

Even though our road trip was really fun and we saw a lot of awesome sights, we are both so glad to be home! There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed and using all of your own amenities.  Just as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”



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