Staying Organized


I am a very big advocate of being organized in all aspects of life. My favorite spot to organize is my closet, of course. However, I also really love making lists and organizing my planner. When I was in school, I lived by that thing. It helped me keep track of my shifts at work, my homework, exams, appointments, and meeting up with friends. Now, I know Erin Condren planners are huge right now but that is way more than I need. I’m sure it’s fun to decorate the pages with stickers and washi tape, but I just need a planner to write down what’s coming up and that’s it. I do like to color code, though. I always had a certain color for exams, one for homework, and one for “fun” stuff, such as getting coffee with a friend. I always like to get my planners from Target. They have a wonderful variety of designs, sizes, and templates. I always like to have one that will fit in my purse but is big enough that I can write everything I need to get done. This is the current one that I have, and it is the same template I’ve used for years. I also really love these pens. They write really nicely and don’t bleed through the page, and they’re great for color coding.

I’d love to know how you stay organized!


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