Fall Bucket List



A few years ago, I read a blog post by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere about her bucket list for the upcoming season. I really liked that idea because it’s always fun and inspiring to set goals for yourself and to look back and see if you accomplished them. Of course, the most popular time to do this is New Year’s, but you can make a bucket list or a list of goals any time you want. So, I decided to make myself  a bucket list for fall and share it with you guys. Now, some of these goals are pretty cliché, but they are on my list nonetheless.

-Watch and/or attend a few football games.

-Drink lots of pumpkin flavored coffee.

-Take a drive to admire the changing leaves.

-Bake some pumpkin flavored goodies.

-Watch the season premieres of The Walking Dead and How to Get Away with Murder.

-Make some good chili.

-Carve a couple pumpkins.

-Eat some Halloween candy.

-Take a trip to the city.


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