Scarf Collector


Tee: Banana RepublicPants: Forever 21 (similar and similar); Scarf: Wet Seal (similar and similar); Sandals: Arden B (similar and similar); Sunglasses: Charming Charlie (similar); Watch: Anne Klein

I love scarves! They make it so easy to get dressed when you have no idea what to wear. Scarves instantly add a polished touch to any outfit. I have quite the collection, and I’m always looking for new ones. It’s an addiction I suppose. You may recognize this scarf from a post I did a couple years ago. Man, that feels like a lifetime ago! It’s crazy to think of all the life changes that have happened since then. Time flies! It’s always good to have pieces in your wardrobe that stand the test of time (or at least a few years).

When Adam saw my outfit he commented how he was never sure if khaki and black could be worn together, but now he’s confident he can do it. This led me to think about how I never really see men pair khaki and black together, but I see women do it a the time. Is this a style men wear? Personally, I think anyone could pull off such a simple and classic combination.

On a side note, are any of you watching the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars? I’ve never watched a full season, but I’m determined to see it all since I have the chance to start fresh and catch it from the very beginning. I’ve heard people say it’s not as good anymore, but I’m willing to give it a chance. If you’re watching it, who are you rooting for? I’m excited to see how everyone does!

I hope you guys have a good week!




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