Fall Television

Besides the beautiful colors and pumpkin-flavored everything, one thing fall seems to boast is a list of great television shows. It seems like they pull out all the stops when it comes to fall t.v. One of my favorite things is having a television show to follow throughout the season. This year, I have quite a few. So, without further ado, here are my top fall t.v. shows for 2015.


The Walking Dead (AMC Sundays 9/8 c): Adam started watching The Walking Dead before I did, and when I saw how hooked he was I just had to get into it. Now, it’s the sixth season and we tune in every Sunday night. I will say, season five wasn’t very good, in my opinion. I’m a little skeptical about how this season will go, but last week’s episode was pretty good and had us on the edge of our seats.


Dancing with the Stars (ABC Mondays 8/7c): I don’t usually like competition shows, but this season of Dancing with the Stars has been so good! There are quite a few dancers this season that have me glued to my seat each week. Bindi Irwin is by far my favorite, though. Her personality is so upbeat and her optimism is contagious. She is also extremely good at dancing. The past two weeks she’s given jaw-dropping performances, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week.


Scream Queens (Fox Tuesday 9/8c): Scream Queens is kind of a ridiculous show. It mostly just makes fun of sororities and fraternities while throwing in some scary scenes. It’s kind of hilarious to me. All the jokes they crack and how crazy the characters are is what I like about this show. I also watch the show for the fashion. Chanel’s closet is to die for! I don’t like scary movies, haunted houses, etc., so the amount of scariness in this show is about all I can handle. The humor mixed in definitely helps to ease the fright.


How to Get Away with Murder (ABC Thursdays 10/9c): HTGAWM had me hooked from the beginning. I watched Season 1 pretty quickly when I discovered just how thrilling this show is. I even got my friend hooked on it, too. There’s so much detail in the plot and twists that you never see coming. I will say, it can be pretty heavy sometimes in more ways than one, so beware of that. The storyline of the show just draws you in though, and i look forward to Thursday night every week! Naturally, I’ quite excited for tonight. I highly recommend this show if you enjoy mysteries or crime shows.


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