The Purse of My Dreams


Top: TargetJeans: LC Lauren ConradBooties: Old Navy (similar and similar); Necklace: Old Navy (similar); Watch: Anne KleinSunglasses: Charming CharliePurse: Lauren Ralph Lauren

A while back I told Mandi that I wanted a simple brown purse I could pair with virtually any outfit. We were out shopping one day (what’s new?), and she picked up the most beautiful purse I’d ever seen! It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m not going to lie, I was quite jealous of her find and kept staring at it while she carried it around the store. She was talking about how excited she was to wear it, and I was picturing all the outfits she could pair with it. Fast forward a couple months to my birthday. I could tell she was super excited to give me my gift. As I peered in the bag, I saw the beautiful brown leather straps and was both very confused and very excited. I pulled it out of the bag, and she explained how she’d bought the purse right in front of me and made it a point to act like it was for herself so as not to give it away. What a clever and sneaky trick! And what an awesome and thoughtful friend I have! I’ve been wearing this purse basically nonstop since then. You can expect to see it in lots of future posts!




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