September Favorites


September has come to an end. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! It’ll be Christmas before we know it. Above are some of the items I noticed myself reaching for the most this month. What were your September favorites?

  • Dr. Brandt “Pores No More” face primer – My mom introduced me to this face primer, and I love it! The texture is smoother and thinner than my trusty Benefit “Porefessional.” It also has kind of an herbal smell which I like because it makes me feel like my face is cleaner even though I’m putting makeup on. I know that’s not true, but hey, it makes me like the primer anyway.
  • Urban Decay “Naked 3” palette – As we move deeper into fall, I’ve been reaching for the rosy hues of the Naked 3 palette. The colors add such a nice, warm feel to any makeup look. It has everything from golds to browns to pink tones.
  • Garnier Fructis “Sheer Set” hairspray – I already mentioned this hairspray in another post, but I like it so much I had to put it here. I’ve been on the go all month at weddings and on a trip, and this hairspray helped me to keep my curls and up-do’s in tact.
  • Bath & BodyWorks “Mahogany Teakwood” candle – This is one of my all time favorite scents at Bath & BodyWorks. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t smelled this before, but in case you haven’t, it basically smells like amazing men’s cologne. Whenever I burn this candle my whole house smells like Abercrombie & Fitch. I also found this scent in the form of shower gel, lotion, and body spray during the semiannual sale. I snatched them right up and have been smelling like men’s cologne for a month (which I’m not mad about).
  • Anne Klein watch – It’s no secret to anyone who’s been following my blog lately that I’m obsessed with my Anne Klein watches. I’ve been reaching for the gold one more this month because it pairs so nicely with all of the dark, warm fall tones.
  • OPI Nail Lacquer “Malaga Wine” – When it comes to nail polish, I love breaking out the dark colors for fall. This one is such a beautiful maroon color that will be on repeat for the next few months.

Go-To Hairstyles



For the past few months, I’ve really been trying to mix it up with my hair each day. I’m growing it out for an upcoming wedding, but it’s been driving me crazy some days and I just want to chop it off! I can’t do that right now, though, so I’ve been attempting new ways to style it and especially to get it up and out of my face. In my quest for new do’s, I’ve actually found that I really like experimenting with different styles I find (mostly on YouTube). I like to post them on Instagram (shameless plug here: @chezbriblog) whenever I find one that I really like. So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite styles that I’ve tried and also tutorials for each one in case you’d like to try it too. You can see I really like trying braided styles. I find that this is the easiest way to make your hair look fancy without actually doing anything too complicated. I’d love to know what your go-to hairstyles are. And if you have any you think would be fun to try, please leave them in the comments for me! I’m always up for trying a new one!







(I haven’t quite mastered a fishtail braid yet, so I substituted a dutch braid for this style.)



Fall Colors


Liquid LipstickPurseFlats / HatTeeDressNail Polish

Fall colors may just be my favorites to wear. I love the dark, neutral hues. There are certain colors I tend to only wear in the cooler months, but for the most part I love wearing autumn colors any time of the year. I put together pieces in some of my favorite autumn colors. I wish I could buy every single one of these pieces. They would make for a great fall wardrobe in my opinion.


PurseSweaterContour PaletteSkirtFlatsBooties



Summer 2016 Must Haves

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.10.05 AM

1. Nu.Me Curling Wand: Curling my hair is a must in the summer. If I even attempt to straighten it, it will be frizzy in about five seconds. This curling wand is amazing because it has multiple attachments so you can choose what kind of curl you’d like.

 2. DevaCurl Shampoo and Conditioner: My mom introduced me to this duo over the summer. We both have naturally curly hair, and this shampoo and conditioner is amazing. It leaves your hair soft while also getting through the tangles that curls often create. I notice a huge difference between using a drugstore shampoo and conditioner and using this set.

 3. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Face Cleanser: My skin usually feels pretty gross from the summer heat, so it is essential to keep it clean. This face cleanser is gentle and doesn’t make my skin greasy or dry. I’ve tried many different face washes, and this one has been my favorite thus far.

 4. Garnier Sheer Set Hairspray: My mom also introduced me to this hairspray. I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely love the Not Your Mother’s “She’s a Tease” hairspray because it provides volume without making my hair crunchy. This one is just as amazing, and for some reason the smell of it brings me back to my college days. Nostalgia aside, I’m happy to have found a substitute for my favorite hairspray because it can be hard to get my hands on sometimes.

 5. TooFaced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer: I received a sample size of this bronzer during the summer and immediately fell in love. I’m not very good at contouring, but this bronzer gives me both color and a bit of shine so I don’t have to worry about a separate bronzer and highlighter. It adds just enough color to the skin to create a warm glow without looking over-bronzed or unnatural. Because of this, I think this bronzer could definitely be transitioned into the coming fall months.

What did you reach for the most this summer?

Summer Must-Haves

Summer Collage

I know summer isn’t over yet, but over the past couple months I’ve found some products that I think are great summer must-haves for anyone. During the summer, there are three products that I absolutely need or else I will be a hot mess (pun intended). Those three items are hairspray, mascara, and a face wash that doesn’t make my face too oily. I’ve found my trio for the summer of 2015! Along with these three products, I think it’s also important to add a good primer and highlighter to your summer makeup routine. Below are the reasons why I’ve featured these items specifically:

1. Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara: This mascara is new to the lineup this summer. Honestly, I bought it because I had a coupon so I figured hey, might as well. Let me tell you something, this mascara does NOT come off. I didn’t even get the waterproof version, and this stuff barely budged when I used a makeup remover wipe, let alone water. My sister used it as well, and she said she had a tough time getting it off. I’m including this mascara in my list of summer must-haves because I think it would be great if you’re going to be swimming but still want to look a little dolled up. It adds just the right amount of length to give your lashes some oomph while still allowing you to rock a “natural” makeup look.

2. Simple Face Wash and Moisturizer: Like I mentioned earlier, I need a face wash that doesn’t make my face too oily in the summer time. I tried these products kind of on a whim, and I was really pleased with how my skin looks after using them for a while. My face has cleared up and hasn’t been too oily in this summer heat. The face wash is gentle and suds up significantly which makes  me feel as though my face is getting super clean. I’m sure the suds have nothing to do with it, but hey. The moisturizer does sometimes make my face a bit oily, but I still like it because it has SPF in it which is extremely important during the summer time.

3. Herbal Essences Volumizing Hairspray: Let me just start with this – I love me some hairspray, and I love me some volume. Now, you all know I love Not Your Mother’s “She’s a Tease” hairspray. This volumizing hairspray is better for me and my curly hair in the summer months. It makes my hair a little stiffer than the NYM hairspray, and I like that for the summer months because it means my hair won’t grow outwards from the humidity. I’ve used this hairspray for years, and I know it to be a tried and true product. It’s also a bonus that this hairspray smells wonderful!

4. Not Your Mother’s “Kinky Moves” Curl Defining Hair Cream: My curly hair has mind of it’s own during the summertime. Humidity sends it over the edge, and I find it hard to control how it’s going to look when I scrunch it. This cream has made a world of difference in defining my curls. I can definitely see a difference when I don’t use it in my hair. It’s kind of a mix between a paste and a gel, and it’s pretty sticky. It smells like grapes, though, and I’m not mad about that.

5. Benefit “Watt’s Up” Highlighter: I’m pretty new to using a highlighter in my makeup routine, but let me tell you, it looks SO good when you have a tan. Now, I know highlighter is something you can wear any time of the year, but I’m still new to contouring and for some reason I find highlighter easier to use when my face is tanner. It makes your skin look glowy and beautiful and amazing and just….yeah. This one in particular is my favorite because it’s in the form of a stick. I’ve tried highlighters that come from a tube, and I just find them harder to blend.

6. Benefit “the Professional” Primer: You guys know this was on my Christmas wishlist. I was so excited when I opened one of my gifts and saw this baby! A primer is so important during the summer because it helps to keep your makeup from sliding off in the heat. This primer, in particular, is great because it helps to minimize the appearance of your pores and to make your face appear smoother.

SensatioNail Review


I absolutely love getting gel manicures. It’s always nice to have your nails looking girly and pristine. It makes me feel that much more put together. What I don’t like is how much gel manicures cost. At $30 or more per manicure, I really can’t justify it. So, I mentioned to Adam around Christmas time that I thought it would be cool to have one of the at-home manicure kits. My sweet husband did some research and bought me the SensatioNail Kit, and boy am I in love with it. It is so easy to use and lasts just as long or longer than a gel manicure from a salon. Throughout my manicure, I scrubbed dishes, cleaned the house, typed, etc. The nail polish did not chip until about three weeks in (even then it was a very small chip), and the only reason I took the polish off was because I was ready for a new color.



The starter kit is about $40-50. Yes, this is more than a salon manicure, but you get multiple manicures from each polish. So, the SensatioNail Kit ends up being more cost effective.

The starter kit comes with a polish, gel base and top coat, double-sided nail buffer, lint-free wipes, manicure stick and an LED lamp. You can also buy individual colored polishes. The directions are clear and easy to follow. They give you each step and tell you how long to keep your hand under the lamp. 


For anyone who loves to get gel manicures but hates to pay outrageous amounts, I highly recommend the SensatioNail Kit. I can’t say enough good things about it. I get so excited each time I paint my nails because they look just as shiny as when a professional does them. Evwn the shine lasts throughout the whole manicure. You can buy the kit and polishes at Walmart, Target, and other various places online. If you end up buying the kit, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. 

Wedding Wednesday


Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Adam and I have been married for about three and a half months now, so basically we know everything about being married, right? Just kidding. Naturally, our wedding was my favorite day ever. It was filled with so much love, and we got to have all of our family together in one place. The day went off without a hitch, and I can’t think of anything that went wrong. I truly have never felt more beautiful than I did on that day. Saying our vows was such a special moment. When I was standing up there I just couldn’t believe I was looking at the same guy that I fell in love with at just thirteen years old. The entire day was so surreal and such a blur. I thought I’d share some pictures with you all today. Our photographer was Yvonne Goll of Yvonne Goll Photography. She also shot our engagement pictures. She was so amazing at capturing the special moments of the day and showing our love story. Yvonne has a great eye for detail and an awesome imagination. I love looking back on our pictures and remembering the day Adam and I became husband and wife.